Thursday, June 11, 2009

Detail Impression

I was asked the other week by a friend about the paint detail I use for painting kits and scenic work.

It does vary from person to person, and, unless you're actually painting a direct copy of a building or scene, I tend to advise to go for impression rather than detail.

Fencing is prime example, too many people over do the fencing paint work, under painted is better. I use a mixture of paint work and flock to create the effect I want.

Base coat the fencing, then paint over with the colour you want, a good idea is to weather the undercoat rather than the top coats.

Once I've done the top coats, I tend to use some flock to create some form of colour, perhaps roses or moss around the fencing.

I'll post some photos for you to see later this month.

Allotments & Gardening

Evening Blog,

I expect we're the only ones reading this, but never mind.

Just spent the evening with George Smith, well part of a bottle of his Glenlivet. Have just started the allotment section, very tiring this gardening lark, especially with a few large measures of 12 year old malt to keep me company.

Just primed the fencing, this will eventually go along the back of the allotment and garden area. Using a off coloured cream for effect, more on effects later...

Once I'd done that I moved on to preparing the ground, (this really does sound like I'm in a real garden...!) for laying the turf and earth area for the vegetables.

Perhaps I should hire Charlie Dimmock?

Used several variations of green and brown to create the under coating of the ground area, then used dark green for the grass areas and a nice earth brown for the garden/allotment areas.

I feel the whole project for the allotment will take a few days worth of work, the fencing will take several coats of paint for the effect I want, as for the actual allotment area, who really knows, plenty of small kits to build.

I'm going to have a mixture of flowers and vegetables, no point just having one or the other...