Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Development Of An Idea

Over the years that I have been interested in railway modelling, steam has played a greater part of the interest, although I don't really know loco designs, apart from one or two.

Most modellers pick a region, a place, a time or a combination of them to create their own unique version of running a railway. There are some, like myself, that have opted for a fictional place, but not many take the view of creating a preserved railway, most end up running a 'regional' or 'time/era' railway.

My original layout Rogie Falls, offered a scenic location with various locomotives and running stock from The Big Four, to British Railways and modern running stock. My time or era is reflected within the concept of a preservation society role, but with a modern working branch line offering an alternative transport method for passengers wishing to connect to the rail network.

Having worked within the distribution industry for many years, I have always believed that the rail network offers far greater opportunities for employment and the distribution of goods locally, rather than HGVs. Using a branch line network to distribute goods and, having a BRS delivery system spanning the entire country. But that’s getting into politics, which, model railways do not really play a part in, but this is my concept, an era of nationalisation centred on a preservation society running this part of the network.

This is where the preservation society comes in to the concept. My love of the wonderfully kept stations in rural and some suburban towns always gives me a sense of belief that of an idyllic life style. From a photographers view this would give us the time and era of neatness, unlike the current system. Flower beds, swept station platforms, fencing repaired, and so on…, a sense of pride.

(Part 2)