Thursday, January 29, 2009

Brief Exposure

This is quick look at the Briers Grove termini.

I've got plenty of modelling a head of me, working in direction and stages has proved the best idea - I've got lots to look forward to and this section offers more modelling scope.

Back On Track

Well the first entry for 2009, so what's new?

Not a great deal, processed the photographs from the NRM visit, will post some on the Picasa site soon. Have got some nice photographs, could do with another go there soon, need a trip this time though.

As for the layout, had a little running session on Tuesday evening, general tidy up, sorted the space out so I've got more room to move about. Thursday was slow, getting into the ideas mode is slow, but got there in the end.

Painted some of the base boards with Burnt Umber and Terracotta for earth colouring, painted out an idea for the Railway Arms PH. Will need more time to see how it'll shape up.

Next job I need is some sections of track to extend the coaling sidings and, get myself some railway cottages, more then likely Hornby Skaledale. (a free plug there)