Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adding Glass to Windows

Plastic kits offer excellent detail, especially these days. However many of the kits still only offer basic windows, a plastic window with a clear piece of plastic for glass, this also goes for vehicle making.

Many modellers try and add the glass last or at least towards the end, I found this rather hard especially having large hands. So I adopted a different approach.

Instead of building most of the kit and attempting to slide the clear plastic in place, prepare the window area on the outside, undercoating and even painting if necessary.

Cut the clear plastic so it overlaps the window by some margin.

Hold the unconstructed side with tweezers and apply the glue to the underside of the kit, mainly on the overlap areas, now lay the unconstructed model on top of the clear plastic and leave to set.

The end result should give you clear windows, instead of the smudged glue on the panes.

Military Modelling

I first started modelling military kits, Airfix being the norm when young, but I never really had the ability to complete the kit to some satisfaction.

When I got older a friend introduced me to his friend John Hubbard, his skill at kit building was impressive, he and his brother Danny had the skills I lacked; patience!

After talking about kit building I purchased a military kit and began set about building it, it's all in the preparation. John also gave me many of tips on cleaning and preparing kits, I progressed on to resin kits and these are outstanding in their own right.

Model railways created another dimension and I introduced railway ideas into John's thinking and he built a large military diarama railway based on a German theme. One preoblem military enthusiasts and railway enthusiasts have is scale, so you need to create perspective within the scene to make it work, however we do have modellers licence on our side - to a point...

Tipples & Relaxation

This is really for the adults (males). One thing that railways or modelling in general can offer is escapism, so it is worth keeping that favourite drink nearby.

I often have a beer or a glass of my favourite whisky when working on the layout, mellows the brain and lets you escape into a world beyond space time and eternity...

Oops I think I've been drinking the Glenlivet too much!