Saturday, February 28, 2009

winter break

With the winter break now nearly over, it was time to re-organise the shed, threw out lots of unwanted stuff and created some working space for gardening and modelling, not that gardening has anything to do with me...!

It's surprising how much gets dumped in the shed over a 12 week period, still has to go somewhere.

During the winter break I had managed to get in and do some ground work for the layout, painting in the road and shrubbery areas ready for some modelling within the next few months.

I can now see how the Elkin goods yard is shaping up, some changes are needed and with some ideas from the Glasgow show, I've got a good idea of how it'll progress.

Glasgow MRS

We headed off to Glasgow model railway show on the 20th, staying overnight and visiting the show on the 21st.

What a treat, my first mrs for over 10 years...! Glasgow put on an excellent show, some fantastic layouts and the right mix of exhibits and trade stands.

Caught up with Langley Models, had a good look at the new bits and bobs they're offering. My main point of purchase was for some detailing kits for my next modelling project on Briers Grove, the allotments.

I purchased some Busch detailing kits, roses, lupins, veggies and something else, 5 kits, coming in at £43 or there about...!